The Best Way to Try New Restaurants

We're supporting food banks, frontline healthcare workers and local restaurants with our Feed the Fight Program.

The Best Way To Try New Restaurants

We're supporting food banks, frontline healthcare workers and local restaurants with our Feed the Fight Program.

Taste a City's Best Restaurants, at a Fraction of the Price

Visit multiple restaurants over the course of a single meal. Enjoy exclusive menus of famous dishes at each place, where portions are reduced so you don’t fill up too fast, and prices are reduced even more for unbeatable value. With flexible arrival times and tax and tip included with every booking, TastePro lets you experience the best of a city’s food scene on your own schedule, worry-free.


Browse restaurants and curated tasting menus, then choose 3 – 4 favorites


An all-inclusive price covers your tasting menu, tax and tip at each place


Feast on signature creations at each stop, on your own schedule

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Custom, Self-Guided Food Tours

TastePro is based on the age-old concept of food tours, where a guide leads groups of 10 - 20 people through multiple restaurants in one afternoon. Each stop features a tasting menu, typically smaller-sized portions of signature items. Food tours exist in most major cities around the world, but remain largely undiscovered. 

Now the secret's out, and TastePro has transformed food tours into simple, tailored experiences that can be created by anyone, anytime. 

1: Book

Standard Food Tour

After booking online, you'll begin at an assigned restaurant at an assigned start time 

The tour cost is all-inclusive, covering each restaurant's tasting menu, tax and tip

You choose the restaurants, start time and number of stops

Booking is just as simple, and is also all-inclusive

2: Taste

Standard Food Tour

A guide will lead you and the rest of your group from one restaurant to the next 

You likely won't know the restaurants you'll be visiting, or what will be served at each stop

No guide, no schedule and no strangers: Go at your own pace, with your own private party 

View each restaurant and vet its tasting menu before you book: Only choose the places that look good to you

3: Enjoy

Standard Food Tour

Enjoy a preset list of items at each restaurant, typically pre-cooked and served before you arrive

Repeat the process until your tour concludes

Choose from a variety of options and place your order when you arrive at each place, so your food is always hot and fresh


If you're not ready for your tour to end, book another stop to keep it going!

Are You Ready for The Best Way to Try New Restaurants?

Own or Manage a Restaurant?

TastePro is an excellent way for restaurants to boost their business. Listing your restaurant on TastePro is easy, free and only takes a few minutes. 

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