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The Best Way to Try New Restaurants

So many restaurants, so little time. Whether you’re visiting a new city or just exploring a different part of your own backyard, it’s hard to settle on just one spot. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just try a bit of everything? 

We thought that would be great. So we created TastePro. 

TastePro allows you to visit multiple restaurants, one after the other, and try ‘The Best Of’ each place at a fraction of the price. Instead of settling on one restaurant, you can visit 3, 4, or even 5 or more stops throughout the course of a single meal. Start off with a taco and ceviche sampler at a modern Mexican cantina, then move onto a bit of BBQ at a 100-year-old smokehouse, followed by haute favorites at the town’s most popular gastropub, and finish with a wine and chocolate pairing in a hidden gem of a wine bar. 

Creating a TastePro tour works like online shopping, but with restaurants:  

  1. Browse restaurants and view their tasting menus—smaller-sized portions of signature items 
  2. Select a restaurant, choose a date, time and group size, and add it to your tour
  3. Repeat step 2 as many times as you’d like. We recommend 3 – 4 stops for a full tour
  4. Book and pay for your tour. Your payment includes all tasting menu food and drink as well as tax and tip for each stop
  5. Receive a confirmation email, which you’ll show to each restaurant upon arrival
  6. Enjoy your tour! Visit each restaurant at your leisure, arriving anytime within the window listed on your confirmation. You'll get seated and place your tasting menu order. You're not issued a bill at the end, so you can just move onto the next place when finished* 

If you’ve been on a food tour before and think this sounds familiar, you’re right! TastePro is based on the age-old concept of food tours—spectacular experiences that have operated in nearly every major city across the world for decades. Traditional food tours typically involve a guide leading groups of 10 – 20 people to sample tasting menus across multiple restaurants, but come with some drawbacks: guides that drive prices up, a set schedule that minimizes flexibility, unknown restaurants and dishes that you may not like, and groups of strangers. TastePro brings food tours to the modern world by making the experience fully customizable and transparent—you choose the restaurants; know exactly what you’ll be eating, drinking and paying beforehand; and enjoy each restaurant on your own time, in the privacy of your group. 

If you’re traveling for the weekend, you only have so many meals to take in a city’s food scene. If you’re local and exploring a new part of town, you don’t want to keep making trips to determine a favorite. And if you’ve just moved, you want to find those go-to spots that make you feel truly at home. Research and recommendations can help, but only go so far. With TastePro, you can try the best of each restaurant without committing to a full meal, allowing you to discover new places at record pace. 

Whether you call yourself a foodie or you’re the type who considers 'foodie' as an F-word; whether you’re looking for new lifelong favorites or simply to show off all the places you’ve been on social media; whether you’re craving Moroccan, Mongolian or Classic American, fast-casual, fine dining or anything in between, our goal is the same: to be The Best Way To Try New Restaurants. 

*TastePro guests are responsible for covering the cost of any additional items ordered beyond what’s provided on each restaurant’s tasting menu. 

The Backstory

Our team holds a fanatical passion for great food and phenomenal dining experiences. We’ve traveled through more than 50 countries, trying everything from remote ethnic dives to Michelin-starred fine dining. We’ve experienced some of the country’s most iconic food festivals and met virtually every celebrity chef and food personality out there. And of course, we’ve enjoyed countless food tours. 

But after all this, we wanted something more. Picking just one restaurant with so many great options available was a happy problem to have, but a problem nevertheless. Sure, we tried progressive meals, where we went one place for an appetizer, another for an entrée, and a third for dessert, but it wasn’t the same. We wanted the ability to try a bit of everything, to walk into a place and get the full experience without needing to invest the time, money or stomach capacity in a full meal. 

TastePro allows us to do just that, allowing us to explore an entire community’s food scene all at once. It’s your own personal food festival, anytime. We’re excited for TastePro to become your favorite way to try new restaurants. 

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