Become a TastePro Team Member

Our team has experienced the good and the bad behind large corporate small startup environments, and we embody a culture that combines the best of both worlds. 

TastePro team members enjoy a collaborative, supportive environment where everyone has a voice. We provide enough structure to keep things organized, but make sure everyone has the freedom and flexibility they need. 

Remote Work

We're based in San Diego, CA, though many of our positions are remote and allow you to work from anywhere.

Flexible Hours

We value results over hours spent at a desk every time. Family, health and life should always come first.

Professional Development

Everyone on our team has a mentor, and everyone will serve as a mentor. Consistent coaching in a risk-free environment allows our team to become better as individuals, and even better as a group.

Free Food

C'mon, you know that was your number-one question! Yes, our team members get free food tours and sweet hookups for their friends and family.

Want to Find Out More?

TastePro's Core Values

We hold these five attributes near and dear to our hearts, and because everyone at TastePro gets a seat at the table, they continue to evolve as we grow our family and find new ways to carry out our mission of being The Best Way to Try New Restaurants.


A ‘whatever it takes’ mentality. Resourceful and strategic, with the ability to identify,embrace and navigate the paths to success that others don’t see.


Service, consistency and happiness come before growth. Customers and restaurant partners should feel part of a tight knit community.


Open, honest communication. Customers should always know how much they’re payingand exactly what they’re getting. Restaurants should always be able to monitor their ROI.Team members should know personal and company wide priorities at all times.


Feeling like you’re getting way more than what you paid for. Customers, restaurants andteam members should get more out than what they put in.


Work hard with when you’re on, but have the ability to completely disconnect when you’reoff. Regular, extended time to recharge as long as deadlines are met.

Want to Join the TastePro Team?

As TastePro continues to grow, we’re excited to welcome new members into our family. Please see below for current openings. 

To apply, please send resume AND cover letter to with the job title and your name in the subject line. 

Cover letters should include the following: 

  1. Hard Skills: Demonstrated results that address the role’s responsibilities and requirements 
  2. Soft Skills: Demonstrated results that address the first three points listed in the additional criteria below 
  3. Passion: Why TastePro? What makes food such an important part of your life? 

Prospective team members should meet the following criteria in addition to the requirements posted on each individual job description: 

  1. Proven record of performing under pressure, working as a team player and meeting deadlines 
  2. Proven record of resourcefulness, self-motivation and ability to balance multiple tasks 
  3. Previous involvement with early-stage startups 
  4. Written and verbal communication skills 
  5. English fluency 
  6. Willingness to work outside standard business hours and take on projects that fall outside of job scope when needed
  7. Ability to travel as needed, mostly by car, in the Southern California area 
  8. Ability to live and work in the US and possession of a valid driver’s license 
  9. Passion for food and our mission to create The Best Way to Try New Restaurants

Current Openings

Head of Engineering (San Diego, CA)


  1. Build out custom app for the newest version of TastePro, contracting out additional work when necessary
  2. Develop and manage new product features
  3. Consistently test product to increase efficiencies and improve UI/UX
  4. Effectively communicate product needs to executive leadership 
  5. Build business cases for and manage partnerships with external vendors and/or direct reports to assist in development, testing and implementation 


  1. Demonstrated experience in marketplace app creation for iOS and Android
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or equivalent work experience
  3. Proficiency in relevant programming languages such as SQL, Java, JavaScript, Python, C++ and Swift
  4. Back-end development experience with exposure to front-end development for optimized UI/UX 

You can also email us directly at

Additional Openings

If you don’t see a fitting role posted above, we encourage you to reach out and let us know you’re interested in joining our team. Please send your resume to with the words ‘Prospective Team Member,’ and your name in the subject line. 

We will keep your information on file and reach out when relevant positions become available. 

We anticipate openings in the following areas:

  1. Sales and Restaurant Relations
  2. Software Engineering 
  3. Customer Service 
  4. Finance 
  5. Business Operations 
  6. Marketing 

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