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Wowing Clientele with Exceptional Food

Great Food, Delivered On Time, For Important Occasions. No Extra Cost to You.

Bring great food to your lunch presentations, pitch meetings and workplace gatherings and you’ve already won over your audience. Finding that winning meal, however, could take more time and effort than meets the eye. Why waste your energy handling food logistics when you can hand it off to people who do it for a living? 

Exclusive Restaurants

We partner with neighborhood favorites and hidden gems you can't find on the popular delivery platforms, as well as renowned brands.

Incredible Food

Our meals integrate everything today’s clientele are looking for: Delicious yet healthful, creative yet familiar. We accommodate all dietary needs.

Quick and Simple

Just tell us your location, date, time, group size and budget. Schedule multiple events at once with ease.

No Additional Cost

That's right, our services don't cost you a thing.

How it Works

Working with Tastepro catering is as easy as sending us a list of events where you want food provided. We take care of the rest.

1. Quick Scheduling

Fill out a 30-second form with your order details. Or, if you have multiple events, we'll work with you directly to get them all scheduled.

2. On-Time Delivery

After you approve an order, we'll place it with the restaurant and assign it to an in-house delivery team member. You'll have each other's contact information for any necessary communication.

3. Easy Reporting

We'll provide you an itemized receipt so you can file expense reports quickly and easily.

Save Time and Get Your Audience Closer to "Yes"

It's one thing to provide lunch, but it's another to see people's eyes light up when they find out it's from one of their favorite places. But when you're preparing a presentation, ordering food can find itself on the bottom of the priorities list. Let us take that chore off your plate [pun intended], and turn it into something that will help you knock it out of the park.

Order in 30 Seconds or Less

Working with TastePro catering is easier than ordering food yourself. All we need is your group size, budget, and the place and time to drop everything off. 

If you have multiple events, we have a simple calendar-sharing program where you can schedule several months-worth of orders all at once. 

You get to review each order before we place it, and have full control every step of the way.

Get Food From Great Restaurants

We partner with local eateries you may not have heard of, but those in the know are obsessed with. These places may not be available on the common delivery platforms, and you'll be a star for bringing them into the workplace.

On-time arrival is a top priority. You and our delivery person will have each other's contact information to make sure everything goes as planned.

Greater Sales

Fill seats during your slower periods and block off times when you’re already at capacity 

Upsell TastePro customers with drinks and additional items during their visit

Incentivize customers to return for a full visit 

Effortless Marketing

TastePro tasting menus, due to their smaller portion sizes, naturally allow you to offer lower prices without discounting 

Get discovered by new crowds: TastePro markets to an audience you may not otherwise reach 

Fill your restaurant to convey an in-demand atmosphere that converts natural foot traffic  

Historic Success

Food tours are among the fastest-growing dining trends, enjoyed by millions of locals and travelers in cities across the world. 

Restaurants profit up to five times from food tours:   

  1. The tour itself 
  2. Upselling guests during their tour visit 
  3. Tour guests returning for future visits 
  4. Referrals from tour guests 
  5.  Additional walk-ins from having a fuller dining room

TastePro food tours are best-in-class, with unparalleled customization and transparency. Our user base is growing every day with people eager to try your restaurant on their tour.

Pay No Additional Fees

In exchange for giving our partner restaurants so much business, we take a commission from each sale and don't charge you for our services. 

We make sure your budget covers food, applicable taxes, delivery fees and gratuity, so you pay an out-the-door price without needing to worry about hidden costs. And whenever possible, we negotiate special rates with our restaurant partners to ensure you're getting the most for your dollar.

We issue you an itemized electronic receipt that makes filing expense reports as simple as possible. No more keeping track of loose papers or hassling with a scanner.

Limited-Time: Complimentary Professional Photo Shoot

For the moment, partners are entitled to exclusive benefits, including a professional photo shoot valued at $3,500 where TastePro captures beautiful images of your food, drink and ambiance. 

These photos are free for you to use not just on TastePro, but for your website, social media, advertising or any other purpose. 

Take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts!

Get Started

Provide your information here or contact us directly at Info@GoTastePro.com. 

We'll follow up ASAP and will start taking care of your food orders in no time.

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Restaurant Partner FAQ's

What is TastePro Catering and why should I use it?

TastePro Catering orders food for events, meetings and presentations so you don't have to. Simply give us your group size, budget, and a time and place, then approve each order before we place it. We'll make sure that amazing food from regionally renowned restaurants is delivered to you on-time, leaving you to focus on other priorities. 

Our service doesn't cost you a thing, so you save time without incurring any additional costs.

What does the process look like?

Working with TastePro catering is easy. Here's how it works:

  1. Contact Us and fill out a 30-second form with your group size, budget, cuisine preferences and a date, time and location for delivery
  2. We'll send you our order for review, and place it with the restaurant once approved
  3. We issue you an electronic invoice for food, tax, gratuity and delivery
  4. A driver gets your food to you on time. We'll provide you and the driver with each other's contact information for any necessary day-of communication
  5. You wow your audience with amazing food
  6. Repeat as needed, or schedule multiple orders in advance, all at once

How far in advance do I need to place an order?

The earlier the better, but in general we like to schedule orders at least 5 days in advance. If you're on a tighter schedule, we'll work with you to expedite your order.

What types of food and restaurants will I get with TastePro Catering?

We work with many local favorites that are loved by their community, and sure to make a great impression when served at the workplace and social gatherings. Many of these restaurants aren't available on the common delivery platforms and go largely undetected in the catering world. We also work with larger brands and chains.

Food is what we do, and we make sure each meal fits the occasion. We have access to cuisines from across the globe, and tend towards menus that are both healthy and delicious, with items that are equally adventurous and familiar. We accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and many other dietary restrictions, as well as common food allergies. 

You'll always have final approval before we place an order, and we'll make sure every meal fits your specifications.

How can you afford to do this without charging me?

We take a commission from the restaurant on each sale. By sending catering orders their way, we're happy to create a win/win that supports local business and gives you better food for less effort.

We charge you for food, tax, gratuity and delivery, which we ensure will fall within the budget guidelines you provide.

Is there a minimum budget?

We strive to create phenomenal dining experiences at all price points, but of course can provide greater options with a larger budget per person. Contact us and we'll do everything we can to work with you.

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