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The Ultimate Foodie Experience

Your Own Personal Food Tour

Taste a city's best restaurants...

all in one go

1. Build

Browse restaurants and create a tour with all your favorites

We suggest 3 - 4 stops/tour


2. Book

Food, drink, tax and tip are all included

Leave your wallet at home


3. Enjoy!

Make your way from place to place, tasting signature dishes at each stop

Walk, drive, bike or ride-share


Want to learn more?

What is a Food Tour?

...and What is a TastePro Tour?

A food tour is one of the greatest things any foodie can do

Pay once, then hop from one restaurant to another, trying the best dishes at each place

TastePro takes it to the next level: The Ultimate Foodie Experience

Step 1: Book

Standard Food Tour


After booking online, you'll begin at a designated restaurant at a designated start time

The tour cost covers food, drink, tax and tip, so you can leave your wallet at home



YOU choose the restaurants, times and number of stops

Booking is just as simple, and our tours are also all-inclusive


Browse restaurants, view tasting menus and create your tour in minutes

Step 2: Taste

Standard Food Tour


Enjoy a preset tasting menu of the restaurant's signature items

This menu may or may not have been shared with you in advance



TastePro restaurants list their tasting menus up front

Get exactly what you're looking for, every time


Tasting menus allow you to enjoy signature dishes across multiple restaurants, all in one meal

Step 3: Explore

Standard Food Tour


When you've finished at your first stop, the guide leads your group onto the next place



No guide and no strangers—Go at your own pace, with your own private party


Explore the city's food scene as you move from restaurant to restaurant...

On foot, by car or any other way you choose

Step 4: Indulge

Standard Food Tour


Enjoy amazing food and drink at the next place

Repeat with each stop on your tour



Hard to argue with that!

If you're not ready for your tour to end, book another stop right there and then


Are you ready for The Ultimate Foodie Experience?

Own a Restaurant?

Listing your restaurant on TastePro is easy, free and only takes a few minutes

Check out our Owner Portal to learn more about the benefits and to sign up

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