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Follow the 4-step process below and you're all set. We will review your information with you before your listing goes live, and you can change your settings anytime.

Listing on TastePro is free, with no membership fee. We know you'll find us to be a simple, risk-free way to boost your business.

1. Enter listing info

The button below will take you to TastePro's listing form, where you will be able to input the information needed for your restaurant listing. This form should take 5 - 10 minutes to complete. Please have the following items handy when completing the form:

  • Tasting menu item(s) you plan to serve
  • Days/times you wish to accept TastePro guests
  • Price per person, including tax and tip
  • Capacity and group size limits
  • Restaurant business license number
  • Emails for any other staff member(s) that should receive TastePro booking notifications


Once we have this information, we will create your listing page for you to review and approve. Once you're approved and you've registered your payout info, you’ll be able to start welcoming TastePro guests. You’re in complete control of your listing information, and can change any of your settings at any time.

Want to see what a listing page looks like? Check out an example here.

Let's Get Started!

2. Submit Photos

If you are not already able to do so in step 1, please provide photos of your restaurant and each of your tasting menu items. Please send photos to, either directly or via Dropbox/related file-sharing link.

Please adhere to the following guidelines for photos:

  • Portray items exactly as they will be served to guests, accurately reflecting presentation and portion size
  • Use bright lighting and a plain background
  • Submit a separate photo for each menu item, rather than a photo that contains multiple menu items
  • If your tasting menu contains a main dish and a side served on the same plate, then it is acceptable to photograph both items together
  • File names should read as follows: "Restaurant Name_Profile" for your restaurant photo and "Restaurant Name_Item Name" for each of your tasting menu item photos


Smartphone camera images are acceptable, but higher-quality photos are strongly preferred. For a limited time, TastePro is offering free professional photo services to restaurants based in Southern California. Please email if you would like to take advantage of this service.

If you submitted your photos in the form in step 1, then move straight to step 3 to start getting paid!

Send Photos to

3. Enter payout info

Since guests pay in advance, you get paid automatically! This should save you a ton of time processing payments and means you don't have to add anything new to your POS system.

TastePro processes payments through Stripe, one of the world's leading online payment platforms. In order to receive payment from TastePro, we ask that you create a free Stripe account, or connect an existing Stripe account with TastePro.

Stripe is one of the most trusted names in online payment, processing millions of transactions every year for businesses around the world. All information is stored safely and securely, and TastePro never sees account numbers or other sensitive items.

The button below will take you to TastePro's payment gateway, where you will be able to connect your Stripe account.

Getting Paid Never Felt So Easy!

4. Refer others to join TastePro

When more restaurants sign up on TastePro, everybody wins. More restaurants leads to more guests using TastePro in your area, and more guests to come through your doors.

We welcome your referrals for additional restaurants that we can contact, especially those that are close to you.

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