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Bring in New Customers When You Need Them Most

People use TastePro to book self-guided food tours, where they visit multiple restaurants in one day.

 Restaurants use TastePro as a risk-free way to fill tables during slow hours and get discovered by new loyal customers.

New Customers

Welcome both locals and travelers, profiting with every visit

Quick Turnover

Cycle through groups up to 3x quicker than standard seatings

Built-In Upsell

Offer drinks and other add-ons to increase average check

Easy to Use

Get started in minutes, train staff in seconds. No apps or tablets required

Free to Join

Zero risk and a dedicated support team to boost your bottom line

Here's What Owners Are Saying About TastePro

“Absolutely a fantastic idea. TastePro gives restaurants a great chance to showcase their food.”

—Simon Mee: Co-Owner, Newhall Refinery

“TastePro is a brilliant concept. The more that people find out about it, the more they’re gonna want to do it."

 —Doug Minnick: Co-Owner, Double Trouble Wine Room

"The company, the vision, the whole idea, it’s something we’re really excited for."

 —Anali Carrillo: Co-Owner, El Trocadero

What is TastePro?

Locals and travelers use TastePro to book self-guided walking food tours, where they dine at multiple restaurants in one day and try the best of each place. For restaurants, think of TastePro as a way to get new walk-in guests, typically in groups of 2 - 4, during times when you're less busy. 

Traditional food tours, typically guided events with large groups, have operated across major cities worldwide for decades. TastePro has transformed food tours to become more accessible and affordable to guests, as well as created a simple experience for restaurant owners and staff with no changes in regular operations. Here's how it works for guests:

1. Browse

Each tour features 3 - 4 restaurants, all walkable to one another. Each serves a tasting menu—typically smaller-sized portions of signature items

2. Book

They select their tour date and group size, as well as add drinks if desired. They pay for their tour up front, which includes tax and tip for each stop

TastePro will pay you automatically

3. Enjoy

They visit each restaurant at a valid time, showing their booking confirmation upon arrival. They'll order from your tasting menu, and pay separately for any additional items

How TastePro Works for Restaurants

Listing your restaurant or bar on TastePro is simple, free and only takes a few minutes


1. List your Restaurant

Create your free listing in a few easy steps. Set your price, tasting menu, and upsells. If needed, you can block off busy times when you don't want more customers


2. Get New Customers

We'll notify you anytime someone books a tour that includes your restaurant. Customers present a simple confirmation email for staff to verify upon arrival


3. Business as Usual

Staff take orders and serve as they would with any other customer, turning the table as quick as you'd like. TastePro issues payment automatically

Benefits that Boost Profit and Marketability

Enjoy a risk-free way to maximize occupancy, reach a broader audience and elevate your business to new horizons

Greater Sales

Fill seats during your slower periods and block off times when you’re already at capacity.

Upsell TastePro customers with drinks and additional items during their visit.

Incentivize customers to return for a full visit.

Greater Sales

Fill seats during your slow periods and turn over tables up to 3x faster than you would with regular seatings

Upsell drinks and other add-ons during booking with a sky-high conversion rate

Easily incentivize TastePro guests to return for a full visit

Effortless Marketing

TastePro works tirelessly behind the scenes for you to get discovered by new crowds. You don't have to lift a finger.

We consistently feature our restaurant partners in our own marketing campaigns, as well as sell tours in bulk to partnering hotels and local client-facing businesses.

We run frequent promotions as well and cover the cost of those discounts, so you get paid the same even if the customer books for a fraction of the price.

Effortless Marketing

TastePro tasting menus, due to their smaller portion sizes, naturally allow you to offer lower prices without discounting.

Get discovered by new crowds: TastePro markets to an audience you may not otherwise reach.

Fill your restaurant to convey an in-demand atmosphere that converts natural foot traffic.

Historic Success

Food tours are among the fastest-growing dining trends, enjoyed by millions of locals and travelers in cities across the world.

Here's a couple ways that restaurants boost their bottom line working with TastePro:  

  1. Profiting from every tour
  2. Upselling guests
  3. Converting TastePro guests to return customers
  4. Getting Referrals from TastePro guests
  5.  Seeing additional walk-ins from having a fuller dining room leading up to peak hours

TastePro food tours are best-in-class, with unparalleled customization and transparency. Our user base is growing every day with people eager to try your restaurant on their tour.

Historic Success

Food tours are among the fastest-growing dining trends, enjoyed by millions of locals and travelers in cities across the world.

Restaurants profit from food tours in many ways: 

  1. Your base price
  2. Built-in upsells during booking
  3. Tour guests returning for future visits
  4. Word-of-mouth marketing from those guests

TastePro food tours are best-in-class, with unparalleled customization and transparency. Our user base is growing every day with people eager to discover your restaurant on their tour.

List Your Restaurant

Listing your restaurant on TastePro is easy, free and only takes a few minutes

You can also contact us directly at

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Restaurant Partner FAQ's

  • About TastePro
  • How It Works
  • Tasting Menus
  • Policies
  • Payment

What is TastePro and why will it benefit my business?

TastePro allows people to visit multiple restaurants, one after another, trying the best of each place at a fraction of the price, in a fraction of the time. Our walkable, self-guided food tours allow guests to visit four iconic restaurants, ranging from award-winning haute spots to locals-only hidden gems. Each dining destination serves a tasting menu, or a collection of signature dishes in smaller-size portions.

TastePro is based on the age-old concept of food tours, spectacular experiences that have operated in cities across the world for decades. Food tours allow locals and travelers alike to taste the best restaurants in town, where they often return for full visits in the future.

TastePro was designed with restaurant owners and staff in mind, and provides tremendous benefits that directly boost sales and profit without disrupting your regular operations:

  • Bring new customers through your doors, with every visit turning a profit and high conversion for repeat business
  • Upsell automatically to increase average check
  • Get discovered by new crowds without lifting a finger, benefitting from our extensive partnership network

TastePro is free to join and simple to use. Get set up in minutes and train staff in seconds, with no apps or tablets involved.

Contact us at to get started.

How does TastePro work for restaurants?

TastePro was designed by independent restaurant owners, for independent restaurant owners. We made it free to join and incredibly easy to use, requiring just minutes to get set up and no changes to your day-to-day operations.

Here’s how TastePro works for restaurants:

  1. Email us at
  2. We’ll follow up with a form, phone call or visit to get your tasting menu, price and other details
  3. We’ll create at least one tour that features your restaurant, along with three other destinations near you
  4. After a quick training process, customers can begin booking tours with your restaurant
  5. Booked customers present a confirmation email upon arrival for staff to verify. Parties are typically 2 – 4 people
  6. Staff serve each group as they would any other customer
  7. TastePro will issue payment shortly afterward

Getting set up and training staff is really that quick?

That’s right! We take care of all setup for you, and have a 1-minute instructional video that covers everything front-of-house staff need to greet and serve TastePro guests. This video is also linked to every guest’s confirmation email, so even new staff can learn on the spot if needed.

Will TastePro change any of my normal operations?

TastePro is designed to have little-to-no impact on your regular operations. There are only a few things to take into account:

  • Since customers pre-pay for their tour and TastePro pays you directly, your staff won’t have to issue a bill to TastePro guests, unless they order additional food and drink during their visit
  • Since tasting menu portions are smaller than normal, your kitchen staff should be trained in how to prepare those orders

Where does TastePro operate?

TastePro is currently operational in select pockets of Southern California, with significant expansion forthcoming. If you're located outside Southern California, we'd still like to hear from you. Email us at

Who uses TastePro and how big is the average group size?

TastePro guests are a mix of tourists and locals, with a shared love of great food. Their goal is to discover new restaurants and return to their favorite places over and over again.

TastePro groups closely resemble what you see with standard guests. Expect most party sizes of 2 – 4, with larger groups on occasion.

TastePro won’t take away from my current customer base?

TastePro is designed to bring in new customers without affecting your existing business. People typically go on food tours to discover new restaurants, rather than visit places they’ve already been.

TastePro is free to join?

Yes, TastePro is completely free to join. There are no membership fees, subscription fees, or any other out-of-pocket expenses, making TastePro a risk-free experience.

No tablets or apps are needed?

TastePro doesn’t require any hardware or technology, making it very simple to use and possible to work with virtually all restaurants, regardless of your POS system, reservation system or any other platform.

What restaurants are best-suited to be on TastePro? Are bars okay?

TastePro welcomes independent restaurants of all types, spanning casual to fine dining, quick service to full service and cuisines from across the world. Bars and other drink-forward establishments are equally welcome to list on TastePro.

Partners should be located in highly-trafficked areas with multiple restaurants within walking distance of one another. Multi-unit concepts are allowed if they’re unique to the area they serve. All partners are required to have valid licenses, permits and health inspection records.

How do guests book tours?

Booking a TastePro tour resembles a typical online shopping experience. Guests browse tours in their desired area, choose their favorite, then enter their tour date and party size. They’ll also be able to add drinks and other add-ons at applicable restaurants. They’ll then complete payment on TastePro, which includes tax and tip at each stop, and receive a confirmation email shortly thereafter.

How do I know when TastePro guests book my restaurant?

You’ll receive a confirmation email anytime someone books a tour with your restaurant. This email is just for you to keep for your records. No action is needed on your end.

What do I do when TastePro guests arrive?

TastePro guests will present their confirmation email for staff to verify upon arrival. This acts as their ticket to show they’ve pre-paid, and includes details such as their tour date, group size and any drinks or other add-ons they selected when booking.

What happens if TastePro guests arrive when my restaurant is full?

TastePro guests should be treated as walk-ins. As long as they arrive during a valid time, you should seat them at the next available table. If no tables will be available for an extended period, you should ask them to return at later time or offer to treat their visit as a to-go order.

If your restaurant is consistently full during specific times, such as weekend nights, we recommend blocking off those hours.

How do guests order? 

Guests will access their tasting menus on their phones once seated. There’s no need to provide menus unless requested.

I can make changes to my listing anytime?

You’re in total control of your prices, menu and all other details. You can edit any part of your listing anytime. 

What is a tasting menu and what should I serve on it?

Tasting menus typically feature a selection of signature items served in smaller portions. Many restaurants list 5 – 6 options, with guests ordering 2 – 3 items each, though this can vary based on your menu and operational needs.

Tasting menu items should be representative of your restaurant as well as easy to execute in smaller portions back-of-house. Slider-sized burgers, single tacos and half-size pastas are a few examples of tasting menu choices.

Dessert and drink-forward establishments typically serve standard items in full-sized portions.

How much food should I serve on my tasting menu?

Guests visit four restaurants on most tours, typically with one drink or dessert stop. Unless you’re serving only drinks or dessert, we recommend that your tasting menu equates to ~1/3 of a full meal. 

What should I do about allergies and dietary restrictions?

Guests will see whether your tasting menu accommodates common diets and allergies prior to booking. Guests may also specify any allergies and dietary restrictions once seated, so you can address these issues in the same way as with standard guests. 

Can I serve drinks on my tasting menu?

Yes, you can include on your tasting menu, whether alcoholic or nonalcoholic. You can also list drinks separately as upsell items, which guests can choose to add upon booking.

Can guests also order off my regular menu?

Yes, guests can order from your standard menu while on a TastePro tour. Simply charge them for those items as you would any other guest.

What happens if a guest cancels or no-shows?

You will be paid out if a guest no-shows. Think of a TastePro booking link a concert ticket: if you miss the concert, you can’t get a refund or use the ticket in the future.

Guests can receive a refund if they cancel with enough advance notice. You will be notified if a guest cancels their booking. You can find our full refund policy here

What are kid policies and why does TastePro have them?

Kid policies allow you to regulate parties seeking to bring children, as well as communicate whether guests must be of legal drinking age. You will be responsible for enforcing your kid policy, and you have the right to refuse service to violators without issuing a refund.You’ll have the option to choose from one of the following kid policies when creating your TastePro listing: 

All ages 

All ages welcome. This is the default policy for all restaurants on TastePro. 

Youths and up 

Children ages 3+ allowed 

Pre-teens and up 

Children ages 8+ allowed 

Teens and up 

Children ages 12+ allowed 

Adults only 

18+ allowed 

21+ only 

21+ allowed 


Specify your minimum age requirement and any other conditions

What are pet policies and why does TastePro have them?

Pet policies allow you to regulate parties seeking to bring animals into your restaurant. You will be responsible for enforcing your pet policy, and you have the right to refuse service to violators without issuing a refund. 

You’ll have the option to choose from one of the following pet policies when creating your TastePro listing: 

No pets allowed 

No animals permitted, with the exception of registered service animals. Owner may be responsible for providing proof of service animal registration upon arrival. This is the default policy for all restaurants on TastePro. 

Quiet dogs only 

Dogs allowed under the condition that they don’t bark, bite or create any kind of disturbance to other guests or staff. Registered service animals permitted. 

Most pets allowed 

Most traditional household pets allowed, provided that they are well-trained. Contact restaurant for special circumstances. 


Specify your own pet requirements and other conditions

What dress codes are available and why does TastePro have them?

Dress codes allow you to regulate the attire of parties that book your restaurant on their tour. You will be responsible for enforcing your dress code, and you have the right to refuse service to violators without issuing a refund. 

You’ll have the option to choose from one of the following dress code when creating your TastePro listing: 

Super Casual: Shorts, tank tops, flip-flops and related attire okay. Shirt and shoes required. 

Casual: Shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops okay. Sleeves encouraged for men and appropriate coverage encouraged for women. This is the default policy for all restaurants on TastePro. 

Smart Casual: Long pants and collared shirt or tasteful t-shirt encouraged for men. Long pants or casual dress/skirt encouraged for women. Pants to be clean with no holes. Open-toed shoes okay. 

Semiformal: Slacks or nice jeans, collared shirt, dress shoes for men. Nice jeans or semiformal dress/skirt for women. 

Formal: Coat, dress shirt, slacks and dress shoes for men. Formal dress or top/bottom equivalent for women. 

Custom: Specify your own dress code and other conditions

What is expected duration and why does TastePro have this feature?

Expected duration is the average amount of time that guests will spend at your restaurant during their TastePro tour. This mostly includes time to get seated, place orders, enjoy the tasting menu and savor the moment after finishing. Expected duration helps guests plan logistics around their tour.

Most restaurants have an expected duration of ~25 minutes, with some full-service restaurants lasting longer and some fast-casual restaurants taking less time.

What are time limits and why does TastePro have them?

While we don’t anticipate TastePro guests lingering longer than desired, we’ve created an optional time limit policy that outlines how long TastePro guests can spend at your restaurant during their tour.

Your time limit should always be longer than your expected duration, so guests should never feel rushed. You will be responsible for enforcing your time limit in the unlikely event that a TastePro guest stays for too long.

Where can I find TastePro's restaurant partner terms and related information?

You can find our Restaurant Partner Terms and Conditions here.

You can find our Restaurant Partner Eligibility Requirements here.

You can find our Payment Terms here.  

How do I get paid?

Customers pay TastePro for their tours upon booking. TastePro then issues payment to you shortly after each customer’s tour date. You do not collect payment from customers directly, unless they order additional food or drink during their tour.

We offer several payout methods:

  • Bi-monthly electronic payment through Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay or another related platform. In many cases, there are no processing fees.
  • Monthly payment via paper check. A nominal fee applies to cover processing and postage.

If you require a different method of payment, we'd be happy to work with you in making an alternate arrangement.

Listing my restaurant on TastePro is free?

Yes, TastePro is completely free to join and requires no out-of-pocket expenses. We’re happy to support local, independent restaurants as a completely risk-free platform.

Tax and tip is included in my payout?

Yes. Including tax and tip in each booking allows for a seamless experience for our guests, as well as reduces turnover times for restaurants. We recommend factoring tax and tip into the price you set on TastePro. Tax and tip amounts will be detailed in each payout report we send. 

Are tips paid out on TastePro taxable? 

All payment issued to you by TastePro is considered taxable income. 

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