TastePro Restaurant Ambassador Terms

Restaurant Partner Eligibility

TastePro prides itself in offering The Best Way to Try New Restaurants, working with restaurants, bars, lounges, tasting room and other food and drink purveyors that provide a distinct experience for patrons.

TastePro partners can take many forms. They can be:

  1. Located in just about any city, town or village across the world
  2. Full-service or fast-casual
  3. Any type of cuisine. Bars and other drink-only businesses are okay too
  4. Cheap eats all the way up to fine dining
  5. Family-owned or owned by a parent company
  6. Kid-friendly all the way up to 21+ only establishments
  7. Establishments that specialize in food, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, dessert or all the above

For a business to qualify as a TastePro partner, they must meet the following criteria:

  1. In a brick-and-mortar location, open to the public, and accepting of dine-in and/or carry-out orders
  2. Located in visitor-friendly areas that attracts large amounts of natural foot traffic, with at least 5 restaurants within a quarter-mile radius. Boardwalks, ‘Downtowns’ and ‘Main Streets’ are all prime examples of what we’re looking for here
  3. Open at least 5 days/week, for both lunch and dinner
  4. Able to accommodate walk-in guests (people without reservations) for at least 3 hours each day that they’re open, except on major holidays
  5. In possession of all valid licenses and permits to operate as a food and/or beverage entity
  6. In good standing and operating under all applicable state and federal laws

The following businesses do not qualify as TastePro partners:

  1. Food trucks, carts or other mobile businesses that do not remain in one location
  2. Most chain restaurants with locations in multiple cities and/or states, which don’t offer a distinct dining experience representative of the community they serve
  3. Caterers, ghost kitchens, private chefs or other vendors that don’t have a public brick-and-mortar location
  4. Food retailers, such as grocery stores and custom cake shops, where the primary business is not ready-to-eat food or drink on demand. Chocolate shops and other establishments that do sell ready-to-eat products in addition to retail products are okay
  5. Restaurants located in strip malls, big box shopping malls and other areas that lack visitor appeal
  6. Restaurants located more than ¼-mile from other potential dining destinations
  7. Smoke shops and related businesses that don’t sell food or drink

The descriptions above provide a general understanding of TastePro’s partner qualifying criteria, but this is not a fully comprehensive list due to the widely varying nature of the restaurant industry and the different factors that determine the viability of a restaurant's success on TastePro as it varies by concept and region. All prospective TastePro partners are reviewed individually prior to listing TastePro, and undergo regular audits to verify that they meet TastePro’s qualifying criteria. TastePro has final jurisdiction in determining its partners, and reserves all rights to unlist a partner from its platform for any reason, at any time.

Restaurants must remain in good standing in accordance with TastePro’s partner policies, as well as all local, state and federal laws. To qualify for this program, referred restaurants cannot be currently or previously listed on TastePro, or be associated with the owner, manager or staff member of a current or previous TastePro listing.

Restaurant Ambassador Payout Terms

Payment will be distributed to TastePro Restaurant Ambassadors ("Recipient") on an incremental basis, with the individual receiving $20 cash or $25 in TastePro credit for every $100 the referred restaurant receives from TastePro. Restaurant payouts are subject to bookings made for tours that include referred restaurant(s). In cases where referred restaurant(s) end their partnership with TastePro, through their own choosing or for violating TastePro's terms of service, individuals will be paid a prorated amount based on the last payout issued to the applicable restaurant(s). Recipients are entitled to a maximum cash payout of $100 for each of the first two restaurants they refer to TastePro, $150 for restaurants 3 - 4, $200 for restaurants 5 - 6, $250 for restaurants 7 - 8, $300 for restaurants 9 - 10, $325 for restaurants 11 - 14, $350 for restaurants 11 - 19, $400 for restaurants 20 - 29 and $500 for their 30th referred restaurant, and all referred restaurants thereafter. In all cases, Recipient may choose to receive all or any portion of their payout in the form of TastePro credit, valued at 125% of the cash payout. 

Referred restaurant(s) must list Recipient referral code during the signup process, or otherwise reference Recipient by name when prompted. It is Recipient's responsibility to ensure referred restaurant(s) credit them for the signup prior to being listed on a live tour. TastePro will make a reasonable effort to inquire whether new restaurants are connected to a Recipient, but may not be held liable for any error or miscommunication between Recipient, referred restaurant(s) and/or TastePro that may result in Recipient not being credited for a valid referral.