TastePro: Restaurant Staff Instructions

Play the 60-second video below or scroll down for step-by-step instructions

6 Steps to Check In TastePro Guests

1. Find Guest Name Under Order Details

2. Verify That Your Restaurant is Listed

3. Verify Date and Time 

4. Verify Party Size

5. Verify Pre-Paid Add-Ons

TastePro example booking

6. Seat the Group and/or Take Their Orders. Do Not Provide Menus Unless Requested

Remind them that tasting menu items, pre-paid add-ons, tax and tip are included, but they are responsible for additional items ordered. A bill does not need to be issued unless additional items are ordered.

TastePro example booking

About TastePro

TastePro is a self-guided food tours service where people pre-pay for tasting menus of signature items at multiple restaurants. TastePro customers will show you a confirmation email when they arrive. This email is a ticket to show that the party has pre-paid.

Management has final say in approving TastePro bookings. Denied guests seeking further action should contact Info@GoTastePro.com. 

Tips are Included?

Tax and gratuity are included in the price with every TastePro booking. Ownership will distribute tips to staff after receiving regular payments from TastePro. If you are not a pooled house, we suggest writing down the guest's name, booking number and assigned server upon arrival to pass along to management.